Information regarding a mailing from the Association

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Information regarding a mailing from the Association

Recently a third party printing company mailed out a legal notice on behalf of the Association. Unfortunately, as residents began            receiving this mailing, it was discovered the mailing house neglected to include a vital piece of information from some of the packets. To ensure every resident received all the documentation, the                Association has asked the mailing house send a SECOND mailing containing all  four pieces of information. The second mailing will have the ballot printed on blue paper to avoid confusion. IF you have already voted from the original mailing, your vote WILL be counted. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE A SECOND TIME.

Why is this vote necessary?

Per our current Bylaws, anytime a change to the existing Bylaws is required, all residents shall be given an opportunity to vote on the changes by a procedure similar to this. With this vote, you are being asked to confirm/deny your approval that only one member of a      household may serve on the board at any time.

As for the Code of Conduct, this document was revised by the Board of Directors in April of 2019 as a way to ensure proper conduct by Board Members. According to our  Policies and Procedures, anyone who runs for the Board is asked to review this document, and agree to abide by it before they may run for the Board. All Board members are asked to reaffirm their agreement to this code of   conduct every January. This vote will make it an official part of our Bylaws.

Still have questions? Call the Sunflower Office during  office hours and they will be happy to assist you.


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