A Message from the 2022 Sunflower Board of Directors

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023

A Message from the 2022 Sunflower Board of Directors

Re: Robert (Bob) Parker

We want to address the formal departure of Bob Parker from the Sunflower Board of Directors.

Bob Parker has served Sunflower for almost a decade. During his tenure he has developed positive working relationships with Wayne County and Canton Township, has worked to secure salt and coordinate snow plowing when needed, helped get funding for fixing our subdivision roads, and addressed countless issues brought forward by residents. 

Since his departure from the Board, Bob has become a victim of multiple accusatory phone calls and disrespectful texts. We want to make it clear that Bob’s time as a board member is not marred with any accusations related to any form of nefarious activity. In as much, we are asking that the personal attacks Bob is experiencing please stop. 

We stand together to thank Bob for his diligent work for Sunflower and wish him the best. 

The 2022 Sunflower Board of Directors

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