Summer Activities

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020


                    Summer Activities

COVID-19 certainly has changed most of our summer plans. Vacation plans are on hold, summer camps have been canceled, and we feel as if all the fun is being taken away, right?
While some of that is true, the Board of Directors is trying to come up with some ideas to throw a little fun back into the summer. We don’t have a magic wand to keep the nasty germs away, and we don’t live in a bubble, so we do have to follow the rules. But not everything has to be bad news! So here is how the summer’s fun is looking for Sunflower Village (and, of course, this may need to change):
Swim Lessons

All swim lessons, normally held at the Gainsborough Pool, have been canceled. We will be back next summer with our program.

Children’s and Preteen’s Pool Parties
Both of the pool parties, scheduled for July, have been canceled this year. They will be back again next summer!

Sunflower Picnic
While every cancellation breaks our heart, this one really hurts. The Sunflower Picnic, scheduled for August 1, has been cancelled. BUT we are excited to tell you that the board has graciously allowed the social committee to apply funds from this year’s picnic toward next year’s picnic. This means that next summer you can expect a picnic that will be unlike any of our previous picnics — it will be bigger and better! And, yes, we already have some ideas of how to make that happen!!
Everyone on the Board of Directors really wishes we didn’t have to cancel the summer like this. Instead of canceling everything, here’s some fun we can have!

Ice Cream Truck Social
We’re still working out the dates and details, but stay tuned for some fun socially distant ice cream socials this summer. We’ll supply the trucks and ice cream — you just supply the appetites! Stay tuned for details.

Movie Night
We haven’t canceled this event and are hopeful that we will be able to hold a movie night in August with proper social distancing, pending guidance from the CDC. We will keep you informed as it draws closer.

Pickleball Anyone?
Last year a survey was conducted about the underutilized tennis court at Gainsborough, and the response was overwhelmingly in favor of turning it into a pickleball court. So this summer you will see construction begin on converting that tennis court into three pickleball courts! What? You say you don’t play pickleball? Don’t worry because next summer we have a pickleball instructor who is willing to teach beginners how to enjoy the game! Pickleball is wildly popular with the seniors, but fun for all ages to play. It’s a great family experience.

The tennis court at Hanford will receive a total facelift, complete with new net poles and much needed repairs to the fencing and gate. The Hanford tennis court will remain a tennis court.

Basketball Court
We haven’t forgotten the basketball court. It, too, will receive a facelift, with new painted lines, including the often-requested three-point line. All of these courts will remain closed while this work is being done, but once the repairs are completed and we receive permission from the state to reopen, all three courts will be available for proper use.

So see, the summer won’t be a total loss — it will just look a little different. We’ll keep you informed if anything changes, or if there are new developments. Stay well, everyone! We need you back next year!

In the meantime, we’ll keep working on an even better next year!

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