Sunflower Village Policies


– Please do not park car(s) on the street when a snow storm is predicted or a snow emergency is called, so that the contractor can plow curb to curb. If a car is left on the street it will be plowed in.
– Mark your sprinkler heads along the curb and at your driveway entrance with flags or stakes. Our snow removal company is not responsible for damage to sprinkler heads that are not clearly marked.
– Clearing of driveways and mailboxes after the plow comes through is the homeowners responsibility.
(including community mailboxes for those who live south of Warren Road).
– Do not shovel or blow the snow back into the street.
– We remind all Homeowners to keep areas around fire hydrants clear to allow fire fighters the opportunity to connect their equipment without delays.
– Please trim tree limbs that overhang the street. If branches are not trimmed the plow cannot get close to the curb and will go around that area.
– Take down basketball nets that may hang over the street so the plow will not damage your net and/or pole.
– PLEASE be patient. It takes time to plow the entire subdivision.
– A snowfall of 2-4 inches will take up to 24 hours to plow the entire subdivision. Anything over 2-4 inches could take even longer than 24 hours.
– Snowplows will not begin until the storm has tapered off or ended.
– Remember to drive slowly and watch for children playing and for pedestrians.


The Board will adhere to the following salting policy (if we have the funds available) for subdivision streets:
– When there is 2” or greater snowfall, the plowing contractor will plow the subdivision streets and salt selected intersections. The roads will be salted if the forecast calls for the temperature to fall below 20° overnight.
– Salting of roads is not included in our contract price.


Canton’s leash law requires your pets to be confined or leashed at all times when outdoors. By nature all dogs are territorial and can become aggressive when they perceive passing neighbors with other pets as a possible threat.
Canton Township also has an ordinance requiring pet owners to properly dispose of pet
waste on their own property. For this reason, we remind you to pick up after your own
pet. We all love our dogs, and our children love to run barefoot through the grass in the summer. But running through a pile of doggie doo is not healthy, safe or fun for anyone. Most of our Homeowners are conscientious about this, however, we do have folks who forget their bags and leave the pile of doggie doo. So, please do not assume the first person you see with a pet is the culprit who “leaves the doo for you”. Pet owners, do remember to bag your doggie doo too! After all, it is the law.


The common areas cannot be used for organized team sports practices/events.