UPDATE: Board Meeting June 17th 2020

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

On Wednesday, June 17, the Board of Directors will hold its first in-person meeting since April. Proper social distancing guidelines will be observed, and masks will be worn by all attendees. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to allow residents to remain for the entire meeting as space constraints in the clubhouse do not allow for proper social distancing with a large gathering of people.

However, your voice is very important to the Board, and the Board is interested in your concerns. In order to minimize person-to-person contact, residents are encouraged to submit a letter or e-mail to the office with their comments or concerns. These communications will be reviewed during the open forum portion of the meeting, and the office will forward a response from the Board if necessary. If a resident feels they must present directly to the Board, they are welcome to attend at 7 p.m. Residents will be permitted to enter the room individually, present for three minutes, and then will be asked to leave. It is suggested that presenters have their thoughts collected to present in a clean, concise manner, and prepare a written version of their concern to leave with the Board in the event they cannot complete their presentation in three minutes. Presenters must remain in the designated area of the room and wear a mask at all times. Individuals who elect to not wear a mask will not be allowed to enter the clubhouse. The Board regrets having to meet this way, but COVID-19 requirements necessitate these procedures in order to protect the health and safety of everyone.

Unfortunately, there is no switch to flip declaring COVID-19 is now over, and no magic wand to return us to the ways of pre-COVID days. Methods for proper care must be observed and maintained. The Board thanks you for your understanding and appreciates your cooperation.

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